Grout Expert Services in San Francisco East Bay

1.The Initial Meeting and Assessment
To find out what you need, the experts at The Grout Specialist will sit down with you to perform a comprehensive inspection. We know what to look for and what to ask, so within a half hour, we’re usually ready to recommend the solution and offer a price quote. The Grout Specialist is always happy to address any questions or concerns and will provide a detailed written proposal that outlines every aspect of the job. We do the best work and we’re not into guesswork.
2.The Very First Step
Once you’ve decided to work with The Grout Specialist, we’re ready to prepare all of the necessary grout, caulk, and seal colors prior to beginning the job. We always carefully cover carpets, furniture and floors, if needed, because we work clean and never leave a mess.
3.The Complete Restoration
To create an amazing finished look, we always suggest removing and replacing all of the caulking in the area to be restored. We then clean by hand all of the tiles, grout and stone, using the very best methods available.
4.The Sealing and Curing Process
The final step is to seal the restored area and to let it cure for 1-2 days. If you don’t want us to replace your grout, but you want it to look new, we can apply a stain seal to restore its original color. Alternatively, we can change the grout's appearance by applying an entirely different color stain seal. Either way, it ends up looking spectacular, why? Because you made a smart decision and decided to go with the bets in the industry today—The Grout Specialist.

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