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Grout & Tile Specialist in San Francisco East Bay 
  • Most people don’t think about their grout, until it’s too late. They notice it’s starting to crack or become discolored, but they don’t act in time and then encounter a wide range of issues. Many people will see their grout or tile falling apart and first try to fix it or replace it themselves. But in the end, they call The Grout Specialist, because it’s not a do-it-yourself project to fix tile, re-seal, clean or replace grout.
  • By not maintaining your grout, serious problems can arise. Toxic mold can accumulate anywhere grout and moisture meet. Flooding and the eventual deterioration of your foundation can be caused by leaky or damaged grout. Grout is the cement that keeps your floors, countertops, and showers waterproof and safe to use. And by doing it right, your grout will live a long time and serve you well.
  • The Grout Specialist is a 25-year-old, second generation father/son business. Thomas Sanchez, 52, and Gaspar, 25, work side-by –side to do the finest grout work in the San Francisco Bay Area. With long-term clients who value their craftsmanship, eye for detail, and exemplary customer service, The Grout Specialist has the skills, experience and knowledge to handle any job of any size.
  • Building a Solid Business by Being Accountable & Honest
  • The proud recipients of an A+ rating and recognized by a BBB Accredited Business, The Grout Specialist adheres to the organization’s high standards and is always held accountable for every aspect of its work. Accountability and follow-through are the main keys to successful in any business and that’s why we stress both at The Grout Specialist. And that’s also why we communicate closely with all our clients throughout the entire process and make sure that we meet all of our deliverables and deadlines.
    At The Grout Specialist, our biggest joy comes when a customer tells us that they’re pleased with the finished job! We’re happy until we hear these words—“You people exceeded all of our highest expectations”—because we’re not in this business to just satisfy people—we want to wow you!
  • Hire the Specialist, Not Just the Generalist Or a Hobbyist
  • Many companies will claim that they can fix your grout issues and will offer a ridiculously low price. Beware, because when something seems too good, it’s usually….well, you know. A large number of Bay Area contractors claim they know the grout business, but they don’t specialize in it and don’t possess the knowledge we have. We know grout in and out and that’s all we do, so when you hire The Grout Specialist you get the knowledge, the experience and the ability to diagnose the problem quickly and act definitively to get you the best results in the entire Bay Area.
  • By utilizing our proven production system and calling on a small, highly experienced workforce, The Grout Specialist makes sure each project is performed seamlessly. You’ll never hear us asking for more money or explaining why the job is running late. But, don’t just take our word for it—look at our Testimonials page and find out our story through the words of our clients.
  • Additionally, please check out our special offers located on the menu bar (Special tab). Be sure to quote the special offer at the time of booking. And we also recommend that you perform a license status check by accessing the information provided on the CSLB license database.

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